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The Alii's Reunion Concert

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Manny is joined by Max Komine, Alan Lee and Carter Ariste.  Listen to sounds of the past with smooth three part harmonies, great beats and wonderful arrangements.

Since the 1960’s, The Aliis, in all forms, remain as legendary royalty in  Hawaii ’s musical history.  Through the years, members included  Rudy Aquino, Benny Chong, Joe Mundo, Manny Lagodlagod, Al Akana, Carlos Barboza, Bobby King, Danny Couch, and L.D. Cabral.

The Aliis: Showroom entertainers and hit recording artists for two decades. Al Akana,  Rudy Aquino , Benny Chong, Manny Lagodlagod and Joe Mundo were the other half of Don Ho & The Aliis at Duke Kahanamoku’s in the 1960s. Carlos Barbosa, LD Cabral, Danny Couch and Bobby King contributed to the group’s success in the ’70s and early ’80s (Don Ho received the  Sidney  Grayson Award, the predecessor of the current Lifetime Achievement Award, in 1979).

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Hong Kong Garden  21718 S Vermont Ave, Torrance, CA 90502  (310) 320-8802

What is “Ohana  Club Sunday”?  Ohana Club Sunday is a live music, internet radio, audience interactive event with a buffet of Asian and Island favorites priced at $21.95 (tea, tax, and tip included) at the Hong Kong Garden Ohana Club room in Torrance, California.

Kamaka Brown with Sandwich Islands Network Radio broadcast team join "house band" Manny LaGod and the Kolohes for the event which promises to be an entertaining fun show.  Reservations are recommended for this event.  Make your reservations in one of two ways:

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